Who is 'you'?

The ardent wish shines incessantly in the background: Whether within your family or in a circle of friends, within the demanding professional life, or your social sphere in general in or even in a totally unknown environment: Almost nothing is as important for our existence as the fruitful and encouraging cooperation with other people.

Besides, the variabilities and possibly incompatibilities of our assumed roles hit upon the external world which is determined by an unclear variety in rules, expectations and attributions. Often we are agonized by an ongoing and challenging comparison between the current situation and the volitional target state. Our self-image collides with out counterparts demands. On the other hand our expectations concerning other people jeopardize the relation to them.

Therefore, encountering others will never remain in a static state – albeit we yearn for it so much. Instead of that limits and boundaries are perpetually negotiated, links are searched, longings are carried around and interests are tried to be balanced. In this context, it can be helpful to leave the gravitational centre of the own world and and to change the perspective of perceptions and judgements.

Establish a creative contact!

The idea of a constructive and prosperous contact with oneself and other people inspires us and, at the same time, may challenge us till no end. The tension between energy-sapping friction and stimulating flow, between smooth cooperation or strenuous conflict oftentimes breeds a fatalistic and helpless self-management and, despite honest intends, navitages us directly towards the foul waters of doubt, discord and disagreement.

Straightforwardly meet yourselves and get known to your unbelievable inner world and unclench yourself to the worthwhile diversity of human feelings. Beyond that, establish a true connection with other people and practice compassionate devotion! I'll teach you effective and load-bearing skills in percieving your own being, I'll lead you to a unpredjudiced selfacceptance and the gentle contact with yourself. Together we'll discover the elating beauty of connecting the 'you' with the 'me'.

A broad spectrum of helpful methods from different sources will enable you:

  • to tune in with others effortlessly,
  • to meet other people esteemingly and obligingly,
  • to recognise own needs in the mirror of encountering,
  • to identify and heal unsalutary strategies in connection with others,
  • to take sensitively part in the game of separation and fusion,
  • to perceive and deploy the manifold 'I',
  • to handle emotions fruitfully,
  • to improve handling and solving of relationsship crises,
  • to transform life together with others to a source of joy and growth.

You, as the important individual, preferably as a part of a trustful group with periodic sessions or during unique events, but always under powerfully and demanding guidance are the nucleus of a whole thing, which is more than the sum of his parts.