Where am I?

Early in the morning, the night just finished, the internal operating system makes its restart, the eyes are opened and immediately a stream of information starts to have an effect on us. Now it matters keeping together all your senses for a successful handling of the outer world. However, are we really the ones who steer this process – or did an unnamed internal autopilot already take over command and control? Are we the composer or the spectator of this daily game?

The untrained mind is like a leaf in the wind: Apparently an endless stream of unleashed thoughts acts in ourselves without authority. Carried away by external forces and driven by a seemless chain of desires and activities this incessant river flushes us through days and years. At the end all self-efficacy indiscernibly is wrest away from us and our lives.

The wish to pause for one moment, the necessity for taking a deep breath, and a powerful awareness of the world within and outside of us may be vital and present, however, wears off with regard to vasting activities, alluring dissipations and helpless distractions.

Wake up!

Everything occuring around us, everything in which we participate binds one of our most important resources: Attention. Additionally we are forced to make unasked decisions and to influence our environment: Either we are able to direct our perception inwardly or outwardly, wether we turn actively towards someone or something, or allow events letting arbitrarily have an effect on us, either we may concentrate upon the detail or grasp the big whole picture.

In any case this choice determines our actions and makes us take a firm stand. In particular cases this may be quite helpful, nevertheless, in the sum of all appraisals, considerations and evaluations we deprive ourselves of the freedom for real decision and confine ourselves between hope and fear.

Study the seemingly automatic execution of these processes with amazement and learn to push the right buttons consciously. Come into action regarding the struggle concerning your precious lifetime! Address yourself to the task of perceiving your inner world! I'll familiarize you with your own clarity by different methods. I'll widen your scope in terms of the infinity of the moment and the preciousness of pure perception.

Different methods of mindfulness training will enable you:

  • to come up confidently against your internal torrent of thoughts,
  • to change radically the quality of receiving and processing information,
  • to become self-sufficient from external influences,
  • to relieve mental overstraining through contemplation,
  • to master emotional stress factors by staying centred,
  • to equilibrate between inside and outside,
  • and, finally, to develop a sustainable joy towards life.

You, as a precious person with individual preconditions are always origin and destination of all applied execises regarding mindfulness and awareness.