You and Me

Sometimes the special situation of a person requires special devotion, sometimes the special idea for personal progress requires special dealing, sometimes during challenging times of movement a moving challenge is required to experience oneself down to the core.

All of these prerequisites require that we dedicate ourselves to people and their circumstances in an explicit, detailed and careful manner. This works best face to face. The direct encounter between two souls is a very powerful basis to advance to the source of being with individually selected tools and conscientiously applied methods.

What can such an accompaniment look like?

The person’s concern should be the starting point. Depending on this, employment can be quite different. While one topic can be settled by a short-term turn, another matter requires a more and longer-term deepening. One person already might have extensive, relevant experience, in other cases more intensive support may be required.

Based on your specific prerequisites, I will guide you on a joint path that could be very diverse: be it learning by listening, exploring through conversations, opening through physical exercises, focusing through spiritual practice or engaging in shamanic rituals, all efforts always have the origin in view and the process as a task.

What about the "small print"?

The work will be fully transparent according to my ethical rules, it perceives the person as a starting and ending point in its entirety and includes all boundary conditions as comprehensively as possible. But beware! Such a path is rarely a light-footed undertaking. The method of meditative self-approximation is usually exhausting, lengthy work: The consistent questioning of beliefs, actions and standards is at the top of the program. If you don't just want to scratch the surface, but rather the direction of travel is called "root" or "source", then you have to be willing to leave the comfort zone and the courage to broaden your horizons as well as a childlike openness to marvel at new realities are essential.

Active participation and trusting engagement are rewarded with sustainable self-efficacy, deep insights and widened awareness.