What is a course?

It is quite simple: a course is a regular, medium- to long-term gathering of several people for the purpose of acquiring background knowledge and practicing techniques, so as to gradually learn and perfect the attitude of meditation and to allow the perception of exceeding experience spaces.

Quite easy, isn't it? Ok, obviously not. In contrast to other settings (e.g. wellness massage), meditation as a whole is rarely suitable for achieving fast results. The practice of relaxation and mindfulness and, above all, methods to alter consciousness requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The results obtained over time are all the more sustainable.

On the other hand, practices of encountering oneself or others, as well as techniques of raising the awareness mostly challenge practitioners and push them powerfully to leave their own comfort zone. Meditation is therefore unsuitable to instigate escape from everyday life! It rather encompasses the entire spectrum of human experience. For this, perseverance and devotion will be rewarded with deep self-knowledge, powerful balance and knowing serenity.

What does it take to start meditating?

The first step should in any case come from the pupil, everything else is a lost love affair. It does not matter if curiosity, despondency, hope or discouragement are the strongest incentive. Anyway, as time goes on, everyone will realize that staying on-the-rod turns out to be a nice challenge and part of the process itself. That's why I only initiate motivation and assure proper backing, whereas the participants learn to support themselves and each other.

How does a course unit work?

In principle, each course (which is why courses are usually scheduled mid-term) has a common thread, technically a syllabus. However, this is not carried out according to the book. Rather, I sensitively try to perceive, which topics and suitable tools could fit the demands of the students in this respective lesson. Following this energetic impulse, I set in motion a process that I initiate and sustain from my vast pool of techniques and experiences.

In a adequate mix of theory and practice, from playing and imitating, from tasting, failing, trying, mastering, from individual and partner and group exercises, from quiet contemplation and activating movement creates a unique learning situation that appeals to all the senses and involves body, mind and soul.

What courses are there?

Mindful of the fact that all people have very individual prerequisites and above all different ideas about what is important to them or what they want to achieve, there are also different courses. The current one is stil open for new participants still and is called "Langhana" and takes place on the first and third Tuesday of each month. If interested, please visit without prior notice.