Knowledge is…

… power - if you can handle it.
… a good start - if you continue on the path.
… order - if you don't get lost in it.

Above all, knowledge is an essential basis. Despite all dedication to practicing, it can't replace a well-founded theory. Rather, both ideally complement each other to form a large whole. And that's what it's supposed to be, isn't it ?!

Every beginning requires attentiveness, persistence and patience. I'll show you how to activate these resources; but that's just the framework. Because you'd be always at the center of all effort, more precisely your relaxation, your mindfulness, your encountering and your consciousness.
"Becoming conscious?", you will ask, "In a lecture?" Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, so every step is a win. And the lively communication of interesting topics can also be very entertaining.

What is it about?

You decide! Establish the starting point and adapt the lecture's level and depth to your audience.
I'll take the listeners on an entertaining journey and convey information on the following topics:

  • meditation (relaxation, mindfulness, encounter)
  • war and peace
  • life and death
  • religion, spirituality and transcendence
  • the Integral Model according to Wilber e. a.
  • consciousness and altered states of it
  • shamanism, mysticism and rituals
  • entheogens

For example, ask me a question:

  • What is the difference between concentration and mindfulness?
  • How do you integrate relaxation in a stressful environment?
  • Does an appreciative approach increase the efficiency of a team?

Dare to tackle more profound tasks:

  • Is my perception comprehensive enough?
  • How can I integrate ethical decisions and actions into my everyday life?
  • How does intelligent and empathic communication work?

Or let your audience dive into challenging depths:

  • What is awareness?
  • Does it make sense to prepare for death?
  • How real is my reality?

I'll arrange together with you an appropriate topic with reference to the audience with its diverse expectations, requirements and possibilities, the time available, the surrounding framework and the specific location. Get in touch with me on the corresponding page.