World of Sounds

I am happy to be able to present the second part of an album called "Cubensis" which will be finished in the future. The piece is called "Clouds" and is intended to accompany or support the demanding consciousness traveler.

The one who plans to go beyond the familiar limits of known reality, e.g. by means of deep meditation or related techniques, might be well advised to be adequately prepared. On the one hand with regard to his or her origin and destination and on the other hand with regard to ensuring that the project is embedded in a caring, supportive and helpful environment.

The track refers to the second phase of such a process when you continuously dive or float through the occasionally hard layers of the outermost areas of the ordinary self. Just close your eyes and let yourself be carried by your favoured superiour wisdom. Let all craving, grasping and clinging. Inhale calmly and deeply, exhale calmly and deeply and give yourself confidently to what is coming.