Discovering consciousness

What is?

If one has reached a certain routine in calm abiding, and beyond that, if one is solidly able to maintain an open, undirected awareness without distracting concepts for a longer time and finally, is able to face oneself and others authentically and benevolently, then it's the right time is ripe for the most crucial step: The orientation towards the consciousness.

The supreme discipline of all contemplative and meditative methods leads right into the being and back to the origin. Who is the one abiding? Where's the root of awareness and what determines the activity of encountering?

Meanwhile you dive deeper and deeper, navigating the mind through all of your hopes, fears and resistances. You'll perceive the basic obstacles of all of your assumed prerequisites. You'll pass the allmighty stumbling blocks of your constructed self and you'll immerge into the astonishing range of unfulfilled needs, disappointed expectations and latent injuries.

Two exemplary and striking starting points mark the cornerstones of a broad field of reasons wanting to start the exciting and demanding trip to consciousness: Curiosity and suffering.

Where does the trip go off?

One part of people may sense that behind the facade of the usual being, behind the curtain of the everyday life, another, deeper and more lasting world could be found. Something, which keeps an unagitated, benevolent approval as an answer at hand and brings a fresh, unaffected joy and moreover activates a gentle consent with all. Something, which provides power in positive moments and comforts during challenging times. Something which highlights the question for meaning in a new glaze, which puts the need for security in a new context and offers an effective ability for orientation.

In this case it matters utilizing available impulses, and waking up slumbering talents while supporting this process with direct transfer of knowledge and skills.

Other people might summon almost supernatural efforts to avoid getting in tough with this inner space of the being during all of their lifetime. Unsalutary results are the visible symptoms of this permanent evasion. Unfortunately this behaviour is only the logical outcome of a natural dowry: The untouchability of an all-embracing inner stronghold which tries to protect the preservation of the status quo at all costs! But sooner or later one hits the inevitable limits of this scheme, firstly with an inner disapproval, but more striking in despair of the own painful situation. The own well-meaning operating system rather turns out to be part of the problem, than contributing to its remedy.

This precondition requires a patient and continual reminding of the own strength and dexterity in order to conduct a thorough, honest and consequent cleansing of the own past.

Both starting points comparably could be a launch pad for more.

Learn to perceive consciousness!

Develop a sensitiveness for internal emotions, learn to feel the subtle responses of occuring stimuli and adjust your whole toolbox of perception and processing of sensations. Futhermore observe the eternal stream of thoughts and investigate the origin and propulsion of the thinker. I'll teach you methods how to use your body and mind as tools to approach the space of your core.

Broaden your consciousness!

Scrutinize your supposed restrictions, wind the track to the source of your thoughts and actions and get rid of all conditionings which seem to obstruct your life journey. Become acquainted with the true vasteness of yourself and the connection with all.
I'll give you effective instructions for a sustainable practise to expand the perception and your self-image.

Become consciousness!

Possibly after many years of intensive theory and practising or possibly induced by the sudden, unexpected mercy of the moment you'll be able to taste the beauty of the inexpressible, you'll dedicate yourself to the infinity of allness, experiencing the absolute ecstasy of here and now.

At this point neither I'm able to give you anything else, at this point even my tools and methods won't bear a meaning, all instructions are no longer of any relevance, all teachings have ended long ago, but…

…then there's time to do the laundry!

Such a first-time summit experience requires a sincere postprocessing afterwards. The whole, previous life is on trial, all internalized attainments and abilities are to be adjusted completely anew. Oftenly overpowering feelings of blessedness, gratitude, but also grief and bewilderment after returning to the daily grind need to be adressed carefully and understandingly. At this point you'll participate from the helpful experience of already awoken ones.