Allow relaxation

Seize the chance for inner oasis, develop the ability to bracing silence, breathe equanimity and serenity. Learn active, beneficial regeneration by cultivating inner peace.

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Learning mindfulness

Consciously get aware of your ever-present experience space! Become familiar with your own clarity, with the infinity of the moment and the preciousness of unadulterated perception.

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Enjoy encountering

Get in touch with yourself and unclench yourself to your manifold sentiments. Make a true connection with other people and discover the sublime beauty of two selves converging.

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Meditation auf einem Berg (Foto: Dedda71, CC-BY 3.0)

Regular exercise

Listening curiously, practicing vividly, exchanging views selflessly - these are the ingredients when the urge for new spaces of experience and salutary insights with other people should bring benefits.

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Leute am Horizont bei Sonnenunergang (Foto: Andy Chung, CC0 1.0)

Deepening meditation

Why not even take time and dive deeper into the secrets of meditation? A shared, valuable break that can bring deep experiences and new knowledge.

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Ausgestreckte Hand zum Wasser (Foto: Lukas Blazek, CC0)

Individual attention

Is it all about you? Dedicate yourself to your topics and visions face to face. With powerful and obliging accompaniment on your journey.

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Hand mit Erde und Pflanze (Foto: Surajith Aiswarya, CC0)

Creating foundations

Do you need an authentic speaker at your event, are you looking for a lively lecture on meditation, spirituality or consciousness?

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Wandergruppe im Grünen (Foto: Austin Ban, CC0)

Practicing aloof from daily life

You're really serious about it and still want to have a nice time? Leave your usual environment and start an inwardly directed adventurous trip with a likeminded squad.

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