The course life starts again!

First of all, that's the most important news. After a long break, the existing courses will start again. All course participants are therefore cordially invited to come together for meditation.

And everything's the same as before?

Unfortunately not! Due to the general decrees and hygiene ordinances that still exist, defined rules apply to encounters and hygiene. These are to be strictly followed under all circumstances.

People who want to join the existing courses are of course still very welcome. In this context, it is absolutely necessary to contact me personally beforehand. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to appear without prior agreement.

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Allow relaxation

Seize the chance for inner oasis, develop the ability to bracing silence, breathe equanimity and serenity. Learn active, beneficial regeneration by cultivating inner peace.

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Learning mindfulness

Consciously get aware of your ever-present experience space! Become familiar with your own clarity, with the infinity of the moment and the preciousness of unadulterated perception.

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Enjoy encountering

Get in touch with yourself and unclench yourself to your manifold sentiments. Make a true connection with other people and discover the sublime beauty of two selves converging.

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Meditation auf einem Berg (Foto: Dedda71, CC-BY 3.0)

Regular exercise

Listening curiously, practicing vividly, exchanging views selflessly - these are the ingredients when the urge for new spaces of experience and salutary insights with other people should bring benefits.

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Leute am Horizont bei Sonnenunergang (Foto: Andy Chung, CC0 1.0)

Deepening meditation

Why not even take time and dive deeper into the secrets of meditation? A shared, valuable break that can bring deep experiences and new knowledge.

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Ausgestreckte Hand zum Wasser (Foto: Lukas Blazek, CC0)

Individual attention

Is it all about you? Dedicate yourself to your topics and visions face to face. With powerful and obliging accompaniment on your journey.

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Hand mit Erde und Pflanze (Foto: Surajith Aiswarya, CC0)

Creating foundations

Do you need an authentic speaker at your event, are you looking for a lively lecture on meditation, spirituality or consciousness?

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Wandergruppe im Grünen (Foto: Austin Ban, CC0)

Practicing aloof from daily life

You're really serious about it and still want to have a nice time? Leave your usual environment and start an inwardly directed adventurous trip with a likeminded squad.

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