Then that was all?

Your everyday life seems to be pretty reasonable and yet it feels kind of insipid? You've been working on a certain topic since what seemed like an eternity without feeling like you've made progress? You are simply at yourself's wits' end and suspect that your own input maybe part of the problem rather than a contribution to the solution? Don't worry! There'll be always a suitable environment with good prerequisites in which you can start the journey into the depths of your consciousness with like-minded people and under my guidance.

What is a retreat?

In the best case, a retreat could be a vacation from everyday life, an adventure trip into yourself, a refreshing shared experience, a mystical exploration of your own horizons and a memorable lesson between here and there.

With a one- to four-week retreat in a small group and an inspiring environment, the inclined participants deal with an overarching topic using various methods. Knowledge is imparted in the fluid interaction of theory and practice, which can be immediately subjected to the reality test. Depending on the basic task, existing knowledge and skills of the participants, such a meeting offers the space for unusual challenges and intensive experiences.

I accompany you with love and strength, I encourage mutual help and fruitful exchange. The focus is on testing your own limits, overcoming reservations and readjusting everyday patterns.

What is the difference between active vacation and retreat?

A vacation is primarily regenerative. The active components, e.g. sporting activities or sightseeing tours, serve the pastime, seek contact with the outside world and offer varied entertainment. A retreat, on the other hand, is completely different: relaxation and demanding accomlishments stand side by side, energizing movement is right next to contemplative self-communion, deliberately induced stimulus deprivation skillfully complements a demanding emotionality. The constant point of orientation is the inner core - your own or the one of others.

Is a retreat an all-inclusive event?

That depends on the specific form of the retreat. There are offers with 5-star comfort as well as spartan solutions in the wild. Every topic requires an appropriate framework.