Why seminars or workshops?

There are methods to achieve relaxation, to learn mindfulness, to meet each other or yourself and to experience awareness that require a more intensive devotion. Be it because the methods require more preparation, be it because promising practice can only be realized in longer blocks of time, or because a certain distance from everyday life is a mandatory requirement.

The in-depth study of a certain method or a special topic should therefore be exclusive to the normal everyday experience at a reasonable amount of time.

What types of offers are there?

In seminars, the focus is either on teaching theoretical basics, or they are clearly practice-oriented. The duration can range from half a day to weekend courses (Friday to Sunday). Depending on the subject matter, the groups comprise three to ten participants. There are unique events and those that build on one another in several stages.

To whom are seminars suitable for?

That depends on the content of the gathering. There are teaching units that are aimed specifically at beginners and therefore require little or no previous knowledge. Other training courses invite both beginners and advanced learners. The common pick-up point is clearly curiosity and willingness to engage in something exciting and in other people. Previous knowledge is not necessary. Finally, there are offers that are clearly aimed at more experienced people. Corresponding preconditions can be found in the respective offer.

How does such training work?

Basically, the focus is on the participants. i. e. getting to know each other more or less always will be the starting point. Trust and familiarity form the core for shared experiences.

Then there is a suitable introduction to the upcoming teaching content or an explanation and an overview of the planned project. Depending on the topic and setting, the participants take their first notes or receive corresponding worksheets. After clarifying any questions that may arise, we then dive down into the middle of things. Depending on the duration and complexity of the venture, there'll be breaks that can be used for relaxation and revitalization, to exchange experiences or for centering.

After the main part of the event has ended, your own knowledge is exchanged in the final round, a short review of the core content is made if necessary, tips and instructions for integration are given and feedback regarding the event as a whole is given. Afterwards, everyone goes their own way and, at best, brings home a moving experience and valuable insights, which will then be a useful part of the future life.

Which seminars or workshops are offered?

The offer changes constantly and is tailored to potential participants and the seasons. The following events are currently on offer: