Where is peace?

In the early stages there's only a vague notion: The desire or hindsight to shift down a gear or two, to pause, to listen into the silence.

Probably fed by a resurging of a fading recollection, a vacation long ago, a blessed event in the childhood, a period of merciful flow… – beyond all compelled or self-imposed responsibilities, far away from running errands, aside of all this drivenness, this unresting panting behind, this "I don't have time".

Or, however, the obvious signals impose upon oneself pitilessly during everyday activities: Undermining exhaustion, vast tiredness, burning lack of concentration, the feeling of a paralysing emptiness. Thoughts running in endless loops, digging their claws into daily tasks or crucial assignments and therefore flowing into a spiral of hopelessness and futility.

Though inishing the antsiness, the disengagement from assumed obligations, and, finally, explicit, active phases of regeneration might be well-intetioned resolutions, often only remain in the sphere of desirable possibilities without a wholehearted chance of realisation.

Give the intermission a chance!

There's been a want of a suitable opportunity, a lack of will for implementation or a shortage of energy to rupture powerful so-called necessities?

Seize the chance to discovering your internal oasis, learn the ability of      invigorating ease, cultivate equanimity and calmness.
I train you in different formats finding your very own refuge, becoming acquainted with a huge amount of techniques to develop this room, learning to open the doors to it independently and to enter it, in order to experience inner peace and salutary silence.

Activating methods of different traditions and origins will enable You:

  • to free yourself from inner pressure,
  • to widen your view for your own freedom,
  • to solve physical tensions,
  • to relieve psychosomatic discomfort,
  • to master acute stress situations,
  • to become more calm in general,
  • to diminish emotional excitement,
  • to implement protective mechanisms against future, negative influence and
  • in the long term, to live a more contented life.

According to the particular setting, whether face to face or in a group, whether regularly or on selective occasions, wether referring to Your very individual preconditions or comprehensively enabling, You as a human being in your entirety will always take the center stage – with the essential aim of relaxation.