Where are my origins?

I saw the light of the sun in the year of Woodstock and the moon landing. I grew up between sailboats and Black Pied cattle and after graduating from high school I was called to be a soldier. The opening of the Berlin wall drew me to the realms of my ancestors and there I first devoted myself to studying economics, later to philosophy and politics. In activities in the field of advertising and marketing, I realized my enthusiasm for creative work. Formative experiences in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan subsequently caused the exclusive focus on more peaceful projects in this world.

How did I find my vocation?

The multicultural / multireligious heritage of the family in my veins and fascinated by the 'look behind the curtain' since my early youth, I have been dealing with many possible forms and traditions of spiritual teaching and practice for well over 35 years. The conscious confrontation with my affiliation to different religious communities certainly trained my look at "that which is". The first contact with meditative techniques took place through the regular practice of the far eastern martial arts of judo, karate and kenjutsu, which, in addition to their sporting component, are also called 'ways of inner perfection'. However, my first contact with the esoteric Buddhism of the Tibetan highlands, the Vajrayana, can be regarded as the initial formative event: A book about the self-understanding and methods of Tantra pulled me under its spell. Mostly autodidactically, I acquired a wide variety of tools in the years following, partly based on one another, partly independent of one another, and I always tried to penetrate the practice and grasp its essence. In this context, Christian-medieval contemplation techniques, body-oriented approaches from Islamic mysticism, as well as countless instruments of classic individual and group coaching systems are to be mentioned. Above all, however, the basic and structural methods of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen and Bon led me to a deep relationship with the topic.

Several long term retreats, as well as two pilgrimages afoot of a total of nine months, as well as diverse deep insights and experiences have rounded off my exploration of this broad field so far. And last but not least, the rational-objectifying approach through the formal study of religion revealed and enabled me to become a meditation teacher and spiritual tutor as the center of my life.